Gov. says AL ready for next round of storms

Gov. Bentley confirmed three fatalities as a result of Monday's storms.
Gov. Bentley confirmed three fatalities as a result of Monday's storms.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - Governor Robert Bentley said Tuesday he will ask FEMA for a federal emergency declaration in the wake of Monday's deadly storms.

At his address Tuesday, Bentley said there are three confirmed fatalities across Alabama, as well as substantial structural damage, "everything from homes and buildings to trees and power lines," he said.

The most severe damage was in Limestone, Jefferson, Walker, Tuscaloosa and Lee counties. Two confirmed fatalities were from a mobile home park in Limestone County. The third death related to the storms was a 21-year-old University of Alabama student who was killed when a retention wall at his refuge gave way.

The governor mentioned that during the tornadic storms, people utilized the 65 new community safe rooms that were in place, adding that there is funding for an additional 400. He said that safe rooms are crucial tools for severe weather safety.

With more storms expected Tuesday, Bentley reiterated how important it is for people to find their nearest shelter or to determine the safest room in their home or place of business.

"We are not novices at dealing with these [storms]," said Gov. Bentley. "We've been through this before."

Bentley said the state is currently in a search, rescue and recovery mode, and that the first goal is to save lives.

"Tonight is going to be very similar to last night. People need to be vigilant and make sure that they have a safe place to go," he said.

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