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Kitchen Cops: 6 on list of low performers

Homeside Restaurant in Sheffield scored a 71 with health inspectors. Homeside Restaurant in Sheffield scored a 71 with health inspectors.

The Kitchen Cops report starts at the Homeside Restaurant in Sheffield. The restaurant scored a 71 with the Colbert County Health Department. There are temperature guidelines aimed to prevent bacterial growth. The inspector reports Homeside had issues with temperatures, with some cold foods held to warm, and some hot foods not held hot enough.

The inspector also discovered potato salad sitting out at 69 degrees, 28 degrees above the maximum cold hold temperature required by the health department. And the inspector reports chili and other foods in the cooler were 17 degrees above temperature. Homeside also lost points because mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese were held 19 to 23 degrees below the minimum 135 degree temperature required for hot-holding foods.

The Hardee's on Madison Boulevard in Madison scored an 82. A temperature violation here too, as the inspector reports raw chicken held 15 degrees too warm. And the inspector reports finding dirty soda nozzles at the drive-through and at the self-service drink station.

Venice Pizza in Huntsville scored an 83. The health inspector reports hot holding pizza was barely half as hot as it needed to be to prevent bacterial growth. Venice Pizza also lost points because beef that had been cooked several days before the inspection had no date marks to indicate when it had been prepared, and when it would be expired and need to be tossed out.

On Highway 72 in Madison, a score of 72 for the In & Out Mini Mart. The inspector reports hot-holding chicken held 40 degrees below the required temperature, and cold-holding chicken held 15 degrees too warm.

The Hard Dock Café in Decatur scored an 83. The Limestone County Health Department reports mold in the ice maker and a dirty can opener blade.

The Jo Mo One Stop Texaco in Tanner scored an 80. The inspector reports deli ham, turkey and cooked eggs were held eight degrees above the required cold-holding temperature.

A reinspection for O2 in Sheffield. An 84 gets a business on the low performers list. An 85 or higher gets them off of it, and O2 did that with an 86.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores  

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