See, Click, Fix: School zones on Weatherly Rd.

© We checked out a school zone near Weatherly Heights Elementary School.
© We checked out a school zone near Weatherly Heights Elementary School.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - For most school zones, it's easy to tell where it starts and where it ends, but that didn't appear to be the case on Weatherly Road in Huntsville.

Someone contacted me, saying there's a school zone near Weatherly Heights Elementary School, but there's another one a quarter mile down the road at the intersection with Bailey Cove Road. He wasn't sure why. There isn't another school there.

We checked it out, and it's true. The second zone starts just east of the YMCA and stretches through the Bailey Cove intersection. Some parents told me there used to be a crossing guard there because some students walked from the other side of Bailey Cove.

I checked with Huntsville Police and they said that the school zone is still active because there are a few children who walk from east of Bailey Cove. They kept the signs in place for their safety.

We also checked out the intersection of Halsey Avenue and Minor Street. Someone commented on See, Click, Fix that drivers speed down Halsey and sometimes don't stop on Minor. It's currently a two-way stop, and he says maybe it needs to be a 4-way stop because there have been some bad accidents the past few years.

Huntsville police looked into it and didn't find any wrecks in the last two years. They also didn't see anyone speeding after checking for over a week, but officers will keep patrolling the area.

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