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TN Valley runners remember Boston Marathon bombing

Suzanne and Dink Taylor attended the 2013 Boston Marathon. Suzanne and Dink Taylor attended the 2013 Boston Marathon.

On Tuesday, Tennessee Valley runners who were in Boston last year will mark the anniversary of the bombings with a commemorative run in Huntsville.

Right around this time last year, runners were waking up in Boston, probably getting in a good breakfast before the big race, not knowing the tragedy the day would bring.

Suzanne Taylor and her husband Dink both ran the marathon last year. Dink had already finished and was back at the hotel; Suzanne, on the other hand, had just crossed the finish line and was receiving her medal when the bombs went off.

She remembered the moments of sheer panic: not knowing where her husband was and not really even knowing what was going on. Suzanne was able to get a hold of her husband and make it back to the hotel, but the days that followed were just as eerie.

"Of course, the whole city of Boston just became on lock down and it was very eerie and cold," Suzanne said, "and just a feeling that we don't normally get in America, that our freedom has been taken away from us."

Ruth and Lynn Vanzandt are from Arab. Both were also in Boston last year. Ruth was running, and her husband Lynn was in the crowd, cheering her on.

Just about 30 minutes before the bombs went off, Lynn said he went to the finish line to wait and get a picture of his wife, but it was so crowded, he moved.

"When the first explosion went off, I literally thought it was a child or some kind of cannon or fireworks, and it kind of upset me because you could hear people screaming," Lynn said. "When the second one went off about 12 seconds later, it was about 75 or 80 yards from here, you could see it, you could feel it. My immediate thought was I was dead because I expected a third one to go off."

The four runners I talked to said it was for freedom that they are going back to Boston for this year's marathon next week. A commemorative run in Huntsville will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at Fleet Feet. This run will be three to five miles to remember the anniversary.

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