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Income taxes by the numbers: Last-minute filers hurry to beat deadline

Taxpayers can get extra time to file taxes by filing for an extension. (Source: MGN) Taxpayers can get extra time to file taxes by filing for an extension. (Source: MGN)

(RNN) - The deadline for filing income taxes for 2013 is here, and many are still scrambling to get it done.

According to, nearly 100 million tax returns have been filed so far, and they expect to receive millions more by midnight April 15.

For those who haven't filed, don't worry. There's still time to file for an extension, which will extend your deadline until Oct. 15.

Here's a look at more taxes by the numbers:

  •  April 15 is the deadline to file income tax.
  •  12 million taxpayers will have requested extension by the filing deadline.
  •  Oct. 15 is the new deadline to get taxes filed after being granted an extension.
  •  $390,000 is the cutoff point for the top 1 percent of income.
  •  $120,000 is the cutoff for the top 10 percent of income.
  •  $2,792 was the average refund.
  •  $219.936 billion was refunded.
  •  35,326,000 people chose direct deposit for refunds in 2014.
  •  $190.934 billion was direct deposited in 2014.
  •  235, 961,315 visits to during 2014 tax season.
  •  4868 is the form used to electronically request an automatic filing extension.
  •  12 million extension forms were received by the IRS last year
  •  5 percent is the late filing penalty per month based on the unpaid balance.
  •  12 minutes is the estimated time it would take on to find out if someone needs to file a tax return.
  •  99,850,000 individuals have filed 2014 Tax returns
  •  35 million more returns are expected by April 15.

The IRS says anyone regardless of income can use their Free File link. They say it's the quickest and easiest way to get extra.

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