Judge declares mistrial in hindering prosecution case

The jury was twice deadlocked in the Iqbal Memon hindering prosecution case.
The jury was twice deadlocked in the Iqbal Memon hindering prosecution case.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The judge hearing the hindering prosecution trial against Dr. Iqbal Memon declared a mistrial Thursday, after the jury twice failed to come to a consensus in deliberations.

The jury told the judge they could not reach a verdict earlier in the day Thursday. They were then ordered by the judge to resume deliberations. They had been deliberating since Tuesday afternoon.

Memon is accused is accused of trying to help his son, Hammad Memon, escape the country to avoid his murder trial. Hammad Memon shot and killed fellow classmate, Todd Brown, during a class change at Discovery Middle School in 2010.

Upon leaving the courthouse after the jury's first deadlock notification, Dr. Memon told those assembled, "I'm sorry you have to wait this long."

After reporting for the second time they had failed to reach a verdict Thursday afternoon, the judge declared a mistrial.

One of the jurors said after the mistrial there was an 11-1 split in the decision, but declined to say whether that split was for guilt or innocence. He said all 12 members worked hard to analyze every piece of evidence, but at the end of the day, one person didn't agree with the other 11.

"Members voted different ways at different times," said the juror. "As we went through the information, things changed and that's how it should be. At the end, you vote your conscience and you vote the state laws. Each and every member did that, and that's the vote we came out with."

A new trial for Dr. Memon has not been set.

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