Shootout on Stanford Drive after domestic violence call

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Here in the WAFF 48 newsroom, we're continuing to follow the aftermath of the Huntsville police involved deadly shooting early this morning. As we've been telling you, Huntsville officer Jason Moore was shot in the face while responding to a domestic violence call on Stanford Drive early this morning. The alleged shooter, William Stogner, was killed in a SWAT team shootout, but what happens now with the investigation into the incident? WAFF 48's Diana Crawford talks to retired law enforcement officials to give us some perspective on that.

It's called Kelley's Law, and the Alabama State Legislators have passed it making it a capital offense to murder someone when there's a protective order in place. The law is named after a Marshall County woman killed by her husband in 2000. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux spoke with the victim's father to get his feelings about this new law.

And Governor Bentley made several stops here in Huntsville today. Among those, a visit to the Holy Family Catholic School. We'll explain the significance of that school and Governor Bentley's visit at 10.

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