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Neighbors talk about Stanford Dr. gun battle

Huntsville Police shot and killed a gunman after he opened fire on officers early Friday morning. Huntsville Police shot and killed a gunman after he opened fire on officers early Friday morning.

Huntsville Police shot and killed a gunman after he opened fire on officers early Friday morning. According to officers it was part of a domestic altercation. Minutes before the gun battle, the shooter's wife took refuge at a next door neighbor's house.

The neighbor said the wife came running to his house. He said she had facial injuries and blood all over her face. She said told him her husband was trying to killer her, and he was going to get his gun. The neighbor said he called 911, they heard gunshots outside, and they have bullet holes on the side of their house.

According to the neighbor, his family and the shooter's wife were instructed by dispatchers to get to the south side of the house. Huntsville police said they believe William Stogner, the shooter, began shooting at the neighbor's house because that is where his wife ran to. The family and victim stayed barricaded inside for several hours before authorities got to them.

HPD confirmed several bullets hit multiple Stanford Drive houses and vehicles as police and the gunman exchanged shots. Neighbors said they never had any issues and are still coming to terms that one of their neighbors shot a Huntsville police officer. Several neighbors said they heard the shots but thought they were fireworks, and it wasn't until the second shootout that they realized what was unfolding feet away.

Ken Ward lived two doors down from Stogner's house. His family camped out inside while police took cover next to his truck outside.

"I got out this morning and found three bullet holes in it," said Ward.

Ward said he heard multiple gun battles over more than an hour long period. His family stayed put while other evacuated the area. He said Stanford Drive is a quiet street. The Huntsville man never thought he'd experience a shootout feet from his front door. He said the Stogners minded themselves and nothing ever seemed out of the ordinary.

"I never thought anything like this could happen," said Ward. "I didn't know them very well, but I knew them well enough to wave at them. It's just a sad situation."

Jeff Kinard lived a few houses down from Stogner. He said he walked to his front porch to find out what was going on.

"The neighbor to my left came out, and he said ‘I called the police,' and I said ‘So did I,' and then we heard more gunfire and we booked it right straight back in," said Kinard.

Kinard grabbed his kids and sought refuge in their basement. He said he heard multiple gun battle outside while he waited for police to evacuate his family.

"Each volley was not two or three shots, it was multiple clips," said Kinard. "It was 15 or 20 shots, and then time would pass for another 30 or 40 minutes, and you'd have another volley of shots."

Several of Kinard's neighbors had bullet holes in their houses and vehicles. The Huntsville man said police kept him in the dark on what was unfolding down the street when they escorted his family out of their house.

"They were not saying ‘Don't worry, it is down on that end,'" said Kinard. "They were saying hide in the shadows and essentially were worried about stray bullets."

According to neighbors, authorities initially planned to bring families through backyards, but several fences blocked their escape.

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