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Tracking, prosecuting Spice difficult

The drug was legal until October 2011. (Source: MGN Online) The drug was legal until October 2011. (Source: MGN Online)

Synthetic marijuana, also known by the street name "Spice," is not always easy for law enforcement to track down. Many times, it also takes time for Spice cases to make their way through the court system.

The drug was legal up until October 2011, when Governor Robert Bentley made it illegal to use and sell in the state of Alabama.

Since then, many mini-marts and other stores have been busted for selling Spice. Many of the stores have since re-opened, and those charged for performing the sales have bonded out of jail.

Other than a few indictments, no cases have made it to the circuit court. The Madison County District Attorney's Office said that is because of the large amount of other drug cases on the books as well. Officials say the attorneys who handle drug cases have the biggest case loads in the office.

There is also a slight backup in these cases because of the need for toxicology screens and reports on drugs seized.

The office promises that the Spice cases will work their way through. Sergeant Jerry King with the Madison-Morgan County Drug Task Force said dealing with Spice is tricky on all levels.

"Initially it was being sold at a lot of these places legally, so they know there is a profit there for it, even more so now probably because it is illegal," he said. "Even though it is an illegal enterprise, there is still that profit margin there that they can make. I guess sometimes it is worth the risk to them to try."

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