See, Click Fix: Quick response In Huntsville

Quickly spotted, quickly fixed.
Quickly spotted, quickly fixed.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One of the homeowners at the bottom of the hill on Doane Drive commented on See, Click, Fix that Comcast dug a hole in the street to do some work but then just filled the hole with some gravel.

The homeowner who took the picture told me that the woman who lives next to the work often picks up the rocks one by one. She was concerned that the rocks might pop one of her tires.

Huntsville Public Works wrote a work request to fix the problem last week. And yesterday, as you can see in the picture, they patched some of that spot to make smoother.

The other spot we checked out was the traffic light at Wynn Drive and Technology Drive. One person said on See, Click, Fix that the sensors appear to be out of sync. The traffic sits for several minutes even after it's been clear for a few minutes.

Huntsville traffic engineers are looking into it. They'll check out the sensors over the next few days and make some improvements. We'll check back to see how the traffic's moving in the morning.

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