Redstone Report: Father and son bond over science fair project

Father and son bonded over a science project that asked, "Is Bigger Really Better?"
Father and son bonded over a science project that asked, "Is Bigger Really Better?"

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Graphs, charts, procedures, it all leads up to a conclusion when it comes to science fairs.

Of his science project, Dylan Proctor said, "As I was doing my research, I found different definitions, things about wings."

But what Dylan found goes beyond the conclusion that he came to at the end of the project. "As we started going through the project, we started getting closer and closer, going out and doing more things together."

You see, Dylan's dad, David Proctor, works at PEO Aviation Headquarters and flew Apache helicopters for over 19 years, something that inspired Dylan to choose his science project topic of "Is Bigger Really Better?" Throughout his research, Dylan investigated whether bigger wings make for a better aircraft.

David said, "When he chose this topic, I was pretty excited about it. It's a chance to share something with him that I've worked in for over 30 years."

With his dad by his side, Dylan worked on the project for months. David explained, "Like most parents, we want to spend more time with our kids, but our jobs take us away from it and in this case, this was a chance to do a little bit of both."

While the aviator in him wanted to come out, the dad side won over. David said, "As we went through the trial and error portion, it was very difficult sometimes not to, to prevent from telling him you might not want to do that."

In the end, Dylan found the answer to his question. "It's kind of funny. We went through all this to find out that it depends on the purpose of the wing, what are you going to be doing, the temperature. All that varies," Dylan said.

And as for dad? He found a way to bond with his son.

Out of hundreds of science fair projects, Dylan placed in the top 3, securing his spot to compete in the state science fair.

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