Stolen guns travel a long distance in short time

Good Thursday evening.

In a WAFF 48 News Investigation, we look deeper into some very troubling statistics when it comes to stolen weapons. Alabama ranks among the worst in the nation when it comes to stolen firearms. And all too often, those weapons aren't found until they wind up in the hands of criminals. WAFF 48's Margo Gray will explore the problem and possible solutions.

The firestorm over the Huntsville City School system's re-zoning issue went to another level tonight. City and Madison County leaders all seem to be stressing better communication and cooperation in working through this very serious topic. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy attended tonight's Huntsville City Council meeting in which tempers and opinions jumped to the forefront as to who is actually responsible for making some very important decisions.

We're also following a frightening situation in an Arab neighborhood tonight. A person broke into a woman's home in the Ruth community and stabbed her with her own kitchen knife. And the attacker is still on the loose. WAFF's 48'S Diana Crawford will have the latest on that situation.

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