Teacher layoff protection at risk in legislature

Good evening and Happy Hump day. Here's a look at just a few of the stories we're working on here for our 10 o'clock newscast.

We're digging deeper into a bill that's moving through the Alabama Legislature that would remove seniority as the number one factor in protecting teachers from layoffs. The bill has passed committees in both the House and Senate. The bill is intended to ensure that the most effective teachers remain in the classroom. Opponents argue that it's a way to lay off teachers making the most money. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux will have reaction to this controversial bill.

We're also continuing to follow the latest on the 3-year old who fell off a cliff in the Eva community of Morgan County. The child and his father both had to be rescued after the father got stuck trying to rescue his child. This happened on Gene Hudgens Road. The child is in Huntsville Hospital tonight. The father wasn't injured. We're working to bring you more details on how the accident happened and how the child is doing tonight.

And in our weekly Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers report, we're looking for your help in solving one of the city's murders in 2014. A young man was shot and killed on O'Fallon Road in February and investigators are offering up some serious cash for your anonymous tips.

We hope you'll join us at 10.