See, Click, Fix: More road problems fixed In Huntsville

Patches and clearing of obstructions - public works at work.
Patches and clearing of obstructions - public works at work.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We start this week with a little something different - a road obstruction issue in Huntsville. It's on LaSalle Road.

A viewer commented on See, Click, Fix that there were limbs and shrubs making it hard to see while you drive down the street. It's a little hard to tell in wintertime, but we talked with one of the homeowners who said a bush wrapped around a pole halfway down the street from Oakwood Avenue that's the culprit. Huntsville Public Works crews came out, trimmed the bush, and now it's clear again.

Back to those same 'ol road problems and a road that's come up several times on the site - Oakwood Avenue. We checked it out last summer. Now, some drivers are pointing again to dips in the road. We found one at the intersection with Bass Circle. Workers put a patch on it, and now it's much smoother.

There was, perhaps, an even bigger problem at Clinton Avenue and Governors Drive. There was a pothole smack dab in the middle of the street. "Been there for quite some time and getting bigger" is how one driver described it. Not anymore. Crews went out, filled it, and now, there's a patch where the pothole once stood.

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