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WTOC Senior Active: Hank Druckerman


As the chairman of the Sun City broadcast committee and executive producer of the Sun City News, Hank Druckerman is the man behind the news at the community, coordinating the one weekly news program that goes out to 13,000 homes 28 times each week.

"We work on the premise that we don't reach a lot of people at any one time, but we reach everybody sooner or later,'' said Druckerman. " Very few of the stories here would be covered by the outside media.  But it's community news and it serves a distinct purpose and that's to inform the residents what's going on.''

Druckerman, who had a background with ABC TV and radio and owned an advertising agency, discovered Sun City News shortly after retiring to the community.

"That,'' he says, "is when I came alive.''

His expertise has brought new life to the broadcast, which started with a single camera and now has a professional studio with a new set, a control room, editing equipment and ample staffing

"We probably have about 25 people,'' he says. "We put together each report, we bring on each of the talent. We have an anchor reporter and three principal anchors.''

Each broadcast brings news for, by and about Sun City neighbors with sports, entertainment and health reports, as well as the executive producer's personal and professional touch.

"I take a great deal of pride in it and I enjoy doing it,'' said Druckerman." Like anything with television, once you've done it, it's etched in stone and you can't go back. So I like to do the best I possibly can.''

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