A One Of A Kind Look At The Supreme Court

Have you ever seen what goes on in the U.S. Supreme Court? No one really has, unless they've actually been in the courtroom during a session. Well, an advocacy group got in and recorded what could be the first video of the high justices in session.

More openness is what many of you have told us you wanted for some time. Check out the story at 5:13 on WAFF 48 News Today. And you can read about one of the cases they tackled this week right here http://bit.ly/1fNZCgq

A lot of you have asked about Remington and where and when you can apply for jobs. We're getting more information about that. In fact, Muriel Bailey's been sifting through all the information the City of Huntsville put out after their plan formalization. She'll share what she found, starting at 5:05 an 6:03 a.m.

It's chilly again this morning. Aren't you tired of us saying that? Jeff still says it's going to warm up. We'll see. He'll have Weather On The Tens for you. http://bit.ly/GSwBfq

And remember that ad of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon taking an "unsuspecting" car salesman on a wild test drive? That was fake, but Gordon's next surprise was not. It's someone who criticized that earlier fake, and he may be regretting that he spoke up right about now. You have to see the video. It's fun, and we'll bring it to you at 5:25 and 6:25.

But don't wait until then to join us. We're on right now. It's Friday. Carpe diem with WAFF 48 News Today. Tiani, Jeff and I are rarin' to go!

-- Jim Abath (Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimA48