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Arrests being made in Operation '30 Degrees' across Catawba County Thursday


It's been a busy Thursday for law enforcement officers across Catawba County.

They are spending the day rounding up suspected drug dealers in what is being called operation 30 Degrees.

WBTV's Steve Ohnesorge says 30 people are charged in 40 indictments involving drugs from marijuana to heroin.

It's the result of an undercover operation that began last summer.

Authorities said those being arrested were "Street level" dealers but they were hoping those picked up might give them information that could lead to more arrests higher up in the drug trade.

"Our goal is to get them off the street and slow down drug trafficking in Catawba County," said Sheriff Coy Reid.

Most of those who were brought in told reporters they didn't know what it was all about, though a few did admit wrongdoing. "Just a few pot plants, maybe a quarter pound of pot," said one man as he was led into the sheriff's office. Another man who was told the indictment says he sold marijuana smiled for a moment and then said "yeah."

By the end of the day 21 of the 30 people named in the indictments had been arrested. Authorities will continue to look for the other 9.

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