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Doctor who operated on Kilah Davenport takes the stand


The last time Joshua Houser's voice was heard in a courtroom was when he told a judge he had been in jail long enough.

He's accused of child abuse in the case of his 3-year-old stepdaughter Kilah Davenport.

Friday jurors heard graphic details regarding the Kilah's injuries. The doctor who took the stand said the girl was close to dying.

Doctor Vinay Deshmukh specializes in neurosurgery, and told the court that she was in coma.

First without the jury and then with the jury present, he said his goal was to remove blood clots from her brain, stop the bleeding, and reduce swelling of brain.

To do that, the doctor testified that he had to take off  part of her skull.

Thursday jurors saw video and heard audio of Houser being interviewed by investigators while Kilah was holding on for dear life at a local hospital.

One of the most telling pieces of evidence from Houser's residence is a piece of sheet rock with a gaping hole.

Houser told investigators that he punched the wall in a fit of rage, after having issues with a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

He also told investigators the girl had an accident on herself, and that he went to the bathroom.

He explained to police that he heard a thump on the floor, and that he could not revive Kilah after cleaning her up.

However, investigators say the sheet rock bears something else.

That "something else," according to investigators, turned out to be the little girl's hair.

Investigators in the courtroom also said that they played back Houser's voice on the 9-1-1 tape, but at no time did they hear a blow to wall.

Day one of testimony on Wednesday could be seen as a day of families taking dug-in positions.

Nearly a dozen friends and relatives came to show their support for Joshua Houser.

Prosecutors said in their opening statements that Joshua Houser acted out in a fit of rage and shoved Kilah Davenport's head through a wall of sheet rock.  

One person who was close to Kilah Davenport was among the first to take the stand.

Kilah's Grandmother, Leslie Davenport, told jurors weeks ago about calling and visiting the little girl until the time she was injured.

Kilah was also brought into the courtroom and was held by her grandmother.

After the day's opening statements, jurors also heard from first responders who rushed Kilah to the hospital.

They was Houser was emotionally detached when they arrived at the home.

However, testimony came that Houser rode in the ambulance with little girl all the way to the hospital.

Houser's  relatives are hoping compassion will prove his innocence.

Charlotte Maynard is Houser's Aunt.

"That baby is confined to a body that she could never come out of, and it's sad to see to know that someone could do that to that child. Joshua was not the one that did this,"she said.

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