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Savannah attorney discusses his Super Bowl ad

Jamie Casino in his Super Bowl ad. (Source: YouTube) Jamie Casino in his Super Bowl ad. (Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

The Wall Street Journal called a Savannah personal injury attorney's television commercial the Super Bowl commercial you need to see.  

Viewers in Georgia and South Carolina did see it - all two minutes of the Casino Law Group mini-movie.

Judging by the reaction on social media - some loved it and some hated it. WTOC spoke exclusively to Jamie Casino on Monday about the ad's message.

It's pretty clear. After a year and a half, Casino had a bone to pick - in his mind - with the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police - specifically with former Chief Willie Lovett. Read the 2012 story on Lovett's comments after the shootings.

Casino told WTOC that he used the biggest game of the year - to call out the chief - and in his words - clear his murdered brother's name once and for all.  His commercial has people talking.

"I'm attorney Jamie Casino, and I don't represent villains anymore," he said in the ad.

"My intention was simple to vindicate my brother and my parents - one and done - and let people know in Savannah that there are some people who won't keep their mouth shut. Some people who will take their message all the way to the Super Bowl, and I think I pulled that off," Casino said.

The commercial tells the Casino family's story through their eyes. The personal injury attorney said his motivation for the commercial started with this interview with then Lovett after the slayings his brother, Michael Biancasino and Emily Pickles in 2012.

Lovett's was heard in the video saying that there were no innocent people as far as we know about the double shooting.  

The chief later issued a clarification, but the wheels were set in motion for the Super Bowl ad.

Friend and colleague James Byrne, a Savannah defense attorney, understood the message, but not so much the delivery.

"I don't think there was any doubt his brother was innocent but I don't think you need to take shots at other members of your profession. That's what it seemed to me he was doing," Byrne said.

"He's got a sad story to tell on many levels but but that might not have been the best forum. But as Forrest Gump would say, 'That's all I got to say about that,'" said Savannah defense attorney Doug Andrews.

But while only viewers in Georgia and South Carolina saw the two-minute spot. It has since gone nationwide. Webites and media outlets are linking to it, commenting on it. The reviews are mixed.

One fellow Savannah lawyer called it a disgrace.

"Whether it's a disgrace or not - I'll leave that to others to view. I'll say he has a good heart. He's a good guy and he means what he says," Byrne said.

WTOC asked Lovett's attorney about the Casino Law Firm commercial, but they had no comment.

Armstrong Atlantic State University professor Dr. Jack Simmons who teaches ethics, told WTOC that he didn't see anything wrong with it ethically.

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