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Gardendale jeweler refunds $70K to customers after Super Bowl promotion

Jeff Dennis. Source: WBRC video Jeff Dennis. Source: WBRC video

Hundreds of customers at a Gardendale jewelry store are getting their money back while still keeping their merchandise.

The "refund" is part of a Super Bowl promotion at Jeff Dennis Jewelers that was run during a two week period. And customers won big after the first play of Super Bowl XLVIII.

"Any purchase made during that time would be refunded if there was a safety," owner Jeff Dennis said. "That included gift cards, layaway payments, included sales tax."

The "refund promotion" isn't a new event at Dennis' business.

In 2012, Dennis promised customers a "refund" if there was a shutout in the Iron Bowl. Alabama beat Auburn 49-0 that year. Dennis paid back just over $55,000 that year.

For Labor Day 2013, Dennis "refunded" $86,000 when it rained more than an inch that day.

So when he learned which teams would play in this year's Super Bowl, an idea popped into Dennis' head.

"I looked at the record and there have been safeties in the last two Super Bowls. Three out of the last five and I thought, 'Why not?'"

Lora Renfroe didn't take advantage of the special but thought of all the customers who did when she was watching the bowl game.

"I thought, 'Wow, somebody is going to be happy,'" she said.

One of those customers is Nancy Edwards who had just purchased a Pandora bead.

"I was watching the game and saw that safety and my daughter said, 'Hey...the bead's free,'" she said.

Dennis says he will barely feel the hit of paying back $70,000. He says he will only have to pay a small premium on his insurance policy.

"Feb. 21, we'll have a huge refund party. And have security and food and it'll be a party because we're going to pay people to come see us," he said.

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