Plumbers offer tips on winter-proofing your pipes

In addition to exterior faucets, all faucets facing exterior walls need protection.
In addition to exterior faucets, all faucets facing exterior walls need protection.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - As we bundle up for another night of freezing temperatures, Valley plumbers want to make sure that you don't forget about protecting your pipes.

Frigid temperatures can do a number on your pipes. Plumbers at Dean Plumbing Co. in Huntsville are expecting to see a lot frozen and busted pipes over the next few days.

"We are not use to having single digits in this area so most pipes are not covered in this insulation to protect them," said Service Manager, Timothy John Miller. "It's extremely powerful how much damage it can cause in a short period of time."

Miller said any pipe is subject to freezing.  Calls started coming in to the business the last time the temperatures saw single digits from people with pipe problems.

"A little preparation in advance could stop that from happening or at least slow it down so they would know what to do to be prepared," said company President James Michael Dean.

When it comes to preventative measures, Dean suggests leaving your cabinet doors open and let your water drip a bit. "Hot freezes faster than cold," he said.  If you can, wrap your pipes up with a towel or buy a protector for them.

"They only start bursting when they thaw and they have the combination of ice melting and pressure behind the water to cause them to break," said Miller.

They are simple but important steps that can save you future financial pain.

"The pipe being repaired, there is a minimal charge for that," said Dean.  "It's all the damage that comes from that that's expensive."

For a full list of preventative steps you can take for your pipes, click here.

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