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Tips to avoid burning out, dropping weight-loss plans


Many are now a few weeks into their New Year's resolutions. For some that means trying to lose weight.

If you're starting to rethink those diet plans, don't give up.

Dieticians say if you do a few simple things you can avoid giving up and burning out, and still accomplish your goals.

First, they say keep your changes small. Don't cut out everything at once.

Start by cutting out one sweet a day or one sugary beverage.

What about fad diets? Experts say to avoid only doing the juice diet or gluten-free diet, and instead to incorporate pieces of those diets into your overall approach to weight loss.

When it comes to exercise, here's something to keep in mind.

"It's great for heart health," said Jessica Bennett, a registered dietician at Vanderbilt. "But for weight loss, they get hungry and end up eating more in the day. They think because they exercise, they can eat a burger, but it doesn't equal out."

Exercise is still a key component to a healthy life, but you have to also approach that in moderation.

A lot of people ask what's a reasonable amount of weight to lose each week.

Experts say one-half pound to 2 pounds a week is reasonable. Anything more than that can be hard on your heart and cause other health issues.

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