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Tamiflu plentiful in Nashville


Pharmacies in Nashville are not reporting running out of the influenza antiviral medication Tamiflu, despite temporary shortages at the manufacturer.

Demand for Tamiflu has been especially high this flu season. The season started early and has been deadly.

Monday, the FDA reported a shortage of the liquid version of Tamiflu, which was caused by high demand and packaging issues.

Tommy Malone at the Green Hills Pharmacy said he's been filling a lot of Tamiflu prescriptions, but said he doesn't worry about running out.

"Our supply is good, right now," Malone said.

If necessary, he said, his pharmacy can make the liquid version from the Tamiflu capsules. The liquid version is commonly given to children and to adults who are not able to swallow capsules.

"Shouldn't be a problem anywhere, as long as we can get the capsules," Malone said.

Channel four contacted a number of pharmacies around the city and none reported running out of Tamiflu.

 "Our Tamiflu situation is great. We do not have a short supply. We have several boxes," said Michael Kosch, a pharmacist at the Walgreens on Franklin Road in Nashville.

"We kind of prepared for this flu-pocalyse. We kind of knew it was coming," he said.

The Walgreens pharmacist says all the publicity about flu deaths is causing a run on flu shots.

"We haven't run short, we've come close, but Walgreens is doing a good job of giving flu shots every day, no appointment necessary," Kosch said.

Malone, the Green Hills pharmacist, stressed the importance of trying to prevent the flu in the first place.

"Take flu shots. There is no reason why you shouldn't get a flu vaccine, or any vaccine that prevents a problem rather than treating the problem after you get the problem," Malone said.

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