Man convicted of Krystal murders sentenced to death

Creque was convicted by a jury in October 2013. His death sentence was handed down Wed.
Creque was convicted by a jury in October 2013. His death sentence was handed down Wed.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - A man found guilty of the murder of two Krystal employees in Decatur has been sentenced to death.

Jordaan Creque was found guilty in October for the 2011 murders of Jesse Aguilar and Jeffrey Mark Graff at a Krystal restaurant in Decatur.

The death sentence was handed down by the judge Wednesday afternoon. The jury had previously recommended the death penalty in an 11-1 vote following their conviction of Creque.

Members of the victims' families had their chance to address the man who killed their loved ones before the judge handed down the death penalty. Marie Aguilar, mother of Jessie Aguilar, held a picture of her son with his first-born child, then a picture of him with his second-born.

She told Creque she would have shown him a picture of Jessie with his third child, but that picture never happened because her son was killed before the child's birth. She told Creque she asked the judge for the death penalty becuase that is what he is worthy of, and that he would never be worthy of forgiveness.

Lois Graf, wife of Jeffrey Mark Graf, said although she is personally against the death penalty, she would trust and support the judge's decision.

District Attorney Scott Anderson told the judge the fact Jordaan Creque bought the gun hours before he shot and killed two men that he knew and worked with was one of several reasons why Creque should get the death penalty.

Anderson said that showed the crime was pre-meditated. He also pointed out that Creque knew who would be there by the cars parked outside of the restaurant; he knew Aguilar had two young children at the time, and that Graf had a wife and family of his own.

Cassandra Eldred and Ezekiel Gholston are also charged for the murders of Aguilar and Graf. Their trial dates are still pending.

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