Flu outbreak claiming lives in Tennessee Valley

Good Tuesday evening.

We're continuing to track a deadly and devastating flu outbreak that's claimed at least 6 lives here in North Alabama. WAFF 48 News has conformed 4 deaths due to flu-related illness at Decatur Morgan Hospital and 2 more in Lawrence County. Among the victims, we know of a 35-year old victim in Morgan County. Morgan County officials are calling this the worst flu season in years. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux will have an update at 10.

We're also following up on the fallout from another dangerous event over the weekend: a shooting at a Huntsville bar.  A 15-year old has been arrested for that shooting at Benchwarmer that left several people injured. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy will have more from a local psychologist on what signs to look for that your young teen might be capable of performing such a horrible and violent act.

And Governor Bentley gave his State of the State address tonight in Montgomery as the 2014 Alabama Legislative session got underway. WAFF 48's Political Reporter Max Reiss will have more on the governor's speech, including a push to form a Small Business Advisory Council, which was one of Bentley's campaign platforms.

We hope you'll join us tonight at 10.