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Friend of slain Homewood pastor's wife speaks out after pastor's arrest

L-R: Beth Shelburne speaks with Reata Nix. Source: WBRC L-R: Beth Shelburne speaks with Reata Nix. Source: WBRC

In the five months since Karen Shahan was found dead in her home on Hugh Circle in Homewood, little has been said publicly about the victim.

But after the arrest of Reverend Richard Shahan in her murder, a friend and former co-worker of Karen Shahan is speaking out.

Reata Nix worked with Karen Shahan at Hobby Lobby in Homewood for a year and a half.

She describes the shock she felt upon hearing of Richard Shahan's arrest.

"I don't want to believe it, but I'm glad to see they're working on the case," said Nix. "To know that there's a break and there's something being done, that's a comfort to her friends and the people that knew her."

Nix describes Karen Shahan as "the sweetest human being that walked the face of the earth."

"If you could pick one person on the face of the earth to never make mad, to never be murdered, it would be her," Nix said.

Nix says Karen's co-workers at Hobby Lobby had many questions after her death and struggled to make sense of what happened to their friend. Her death was so painful, Nix says some co-workers had to take "cry breaks" from work to cope with their grief.

"She was probably the meekest, the most humble, most beautiful person that you would ever meet," Nix continued. "At Hobby Lobby we certainly enjoyed having her there. She was uplifting, she was always singing, she was always happy, she was never negative, she was the greatest person to be around. She was such a joy to be around. She's missed, she is missed terribly."

Nix said she occasionally saw Richard Shahan when he came into Hobby Lobby and she never sensed any problems in their marriage.

"She adored Richard, she loved him very much," Nix said of Karen Shahan.

"She spoke highly of him, she spoke often of him. She spoke about his missions. They were very much in church, she loved to talk about Jesus and what He did and what He does and how great it is to work with children. That was her life," explained Nix.

As the case moves forward, Nix hopes learning more about what happened to her friend will help bring some closure.

"I know she's in heaven and that makes me happy for her because I know she's actually in a better place than we are," said Nix. "But I hate the fact that she had to go, that she went so fast. We don't know how, so we can only assume how tragic it was."

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