Police investigate deadly Huntsville shooting

Just a few minutes ago, Huntsville Police confirmed that the woman shot last night on Bridge Road has died. They identified her as 21-year-old Mercedes Morris. Http://bit.ly/1hWSy0F. Investigators want to know if this shooting might be connected to two other incidents yesterday. WAFF's Muriel Bailey picks up the story from there. She joins us live at the top of the hour.

Meantime, fire investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that destroyed a home on Will Holt Road in Madison County http://bit.ly/1ivCgi8. We'll show you what we found on scene.

And I'll tell you what I found when I walked outside this morning -- wet cement. And when I drove in to  work, it started pouring. Meteorologist Jeff Castle is back this morning. He's tracking that rain for you and says to prepare for temps to go down today, too. Check out his Weather On The Tens. http://bit.ly/GSwBfq

And I saved the best for last (sports lover that I am). The bowl season kicks up a notch today with the Sugar Bowl and Alabama's tilt with Oklahoma. Mark Thornhill's checking out all the excitement and has your preview at 5:25.

We also have a big crew in Pasadena for the BCS National Championship Game, covering the Auburn Tigers. I can't count all of the player interviews we have already. You just have to watch. And here's a recap of how  the SEC's fared so well in bowl games http://bit.ly/JvNt3q.

Now, let's get this second day of the new year kicked off in style. Join me for WAFF 48 News Today. We're on right now!

-Jim Abath