City: Reports indicate Huntsville Stars moving to Biloxi

The city's current contract with the Stars runs through 2015.
The city's current contract with the Stars runs through 2015.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the City of Huntsville said reports out of Mississippi indicate Huntsville Stars owner Miles Prentice has received permission from the Southern League to move his baseball team to Biloxi.

City leaders said they expect the Stars to remain in Huntsville through next year, although their lease with the city does not end until 2015. Officials stressed that the city has not received official notification of the transfer.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said "We have talked to baseball officials and are confident the City will have opportunities to bring in a new minor league baseball team to Huntsville."

The mayor's office has expressed frustration with Prentice in the past, saying efforts to work with him have been "difficult."

Joe Davis Stadium is located in Councilman Bill Kling's district.  He says if the Stars don't stay, it won't be a huge hit to the economy - but he wants them to stay put. Getting fans to fill the seats has been an issue recently. Kling said that Prentice didn't promote the team very well.

"When you have promotion it becomes entertainment; people have fun and they will come out," he said. "But the last couple of years, we haven't seen any hard promotion by the Stars management. We just need someone to come who wants to be part of the community, to promote, live in the community and get involved."

The Stars first arrived in Huntsville in 1985 to play at Joe Davis Stadium. They are a minor-league team of the Southern League and an AA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

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