Marshall County Deputies Investigate Apparent Murder-Suicide

It's a horrible story to start off a Monday morning, but that's what Marshall County investigators are looking into again this morning. Http://  Deputies found the 8-year-old boy's body in the Tennessee River and the mother dead in her home after a fire there. WAFF 48's Lauren Morrison picks up the story from there. She'll be live at the top of the half hours on WAFF 48 News Today this morning. 




On a much lighter note, the Mega Millions jackpot is going up again. We'll show you just how big that jackpot is right now and what it will take to top that lottery's record.




We also have a heart-warming story for you - a father who has been deaf for 50 years. Now, for the first time, he gets to hear his daughter's voice. Look for that at 5:54.

And you'll need something to warm you up this morning. It's cold again. It was 26 degrees when I walked out the door. And I found a lot of frost on my windshield. You might, too, so give yourself a few extra minutes to scrape it or blast that defroster on high!

Http://  Lauren Jones is in for Jeff this morning. She has your Weather On The Tens.

So, let's get this Monday kicked off in style. We're on the air right now. Join us!

-- Jim Abath