Redstone Report: Arsenal offers free Christmas trees

Cut your own tree down on Redstone Arsenal.
Cut your own tree down on Redstone Arsenal.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - With Christmas just around the corner, a lot of people are on the hunt for the perfect tree. If you have access to Redstone Arsenal, you can go on post and cut one down for free.

Hundreds of trees are scattered in a designated zone where you can cut a tree down. Some of them are small, others are really tall. Greg Hicks is the Installation Forester on Redstone Arsenal. He says, "They'd have to have a really big house to fit some of these in there. Some are 40 feet tall."

No matter the size, all of the trees are free. Hicks says, "It's completely free out here and you are going to pay a lot when you pick one up from the big box stores and you can say I got a natural one from the local area. You know it came from around here."

When you come to cut down a tree, you have to bring your own supplies. Hicks reminds people, to "...bring your own saw, hatchet, whatever you want to cut it down with."

The designated area is best accessed by coming onto the arsenal through gate 3 and traveling down Redstone Road to Warehouse Road. The area where you can cut a tree down has a fence around it. Hicks says, "They can go anywhere in this chain link fence that's marked with a pink X flagging on the gate. So, just come down and find the pink X and come inside and as long as you're inside the fence, you're good to go."

The trees are not your traditional Douglas Firs. The are Eastern Red Cedars, so you might not get that Christmas tree "smell." Hicks says, "If anybody has ever had a cedar closet or cedar chest or anything, that's what these smell like."

Only those with access to the arsenal can come on post. You can cut a tree down during daylight hours up until December 24th.

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