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'Study Of Hands' on display at Carnegie Visual Arts Center

The exhibit centers around the stories our hands can tell. The exhibit centers around the stories our hands can tell.

The latest exhibit at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center is unusual to say the least. Exhibits Coordinator Kathryn Silvestri said it's a first. 

"This is the first time that we've had a local artist and then all the people featured in the paintings being local people as well. It's amazing how many people come in and go 'Oh, that was my teacher,' or 'That was my doctor,' or 'That's my pastor.'"

Artist Lee Nabors said she was inspired after a attending a workshop in Nashville. She wanted to embark on a journey to showcase people in her hometown who've made their mark on their community.

She said she took nominations and a board narrowed the list of people whose hands are  depicted here. 

"Well the odds are good that you may know these people if you live here because they are the people that go above and beyond in their every day life," she explained.

She hopes through these gestures, memories will stir.

"This gesture is that of a teacher who is desperately trying to get someone to understand what she is trying to tell them," explained Nabors.

She says all of us were on one side of this gesture or the other.

Each piece has a special meaning about a special individual. "The gesture in this piece is an everyday gesture of the handshake. But when you look at it, you see that it is much more than just a handshake," said Nabors. She said it's an action between father and son.

There are 50 paintings in all.

The jewelry master, Jimmy Smith, conducts a close examination; Miss Alabama Anna Laura Bryan cradles her crown; a surgeon scrubs up for a procedure; and an expert pizza toss, are all depicted.

So many of these works of art focus not only on the subjects business, but also on their pleasures: fishing, hunting and much more.

The works are a must see - especially for those in Morgan County. A trip down memory lane in Bobby's Bama.

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