Redstone Report: Arsenal employees bring team pride to tailgate

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The 2013 Iron Bowl maybe over, but the rivalry continued at a tailgate on Redstone Arsenal.

This year's game might have come to a dramatic end, but fans from both teams from celebrating. Brig. Gen. Neil Thurgood is the Program Executive Officer for Missile and Space. He says there was "A lot of personal camaraderie, some harassing between each other, which is great, we like that, but no one's gotten into a fight over it yet."

Each tent at the tailgate was dedicated to a program office. Employees from each office then competed in a series of sporting event like volleyball and cornhole. They also performed skits. Brig. Gen. Thurgood said, "We try to get together and get to know each other a little better outside the office, have a little bit of camaraderie, build the team."

But the real reason behind the tailgate went beyond the food, fun, and even football. Brig. Gen. Thurgood said, "This group of people you see here are really focused on one thing and that's supporting our soldiers. Whether they're building tanks or missiles or doing contract or logistical work, whatever piece of the responsibility is theirs, they do that with a lot of passion because they know that while we're here today having this event of their behalf, we have soldiers in harms way."

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