Few details in case of man shot in head Thanksgiving Eve

A Thanksgiving Eve shooting leaves a man in very serious condition. The shooting happened this evening off Rime Village Road in Huntsville. Police are not releasing a lot of information at this time, but do say the shooting could have been accidental. Coming up at 10, we'll have any late breaking developments.

A Tuscumbia man is missing and police say he could be in danger. Brioni Jamaal Rutland hasn't been seen since Tuesday. He was last seen driving a gold Impala. Police have located some of his belongings, but have not been able to locate his car or him. Coming up tonight at 10, we'll have another look at his picture. If you recognize him, police ask that you contact them.

The holiday shopping season will officially kick off tomorrow, and retailers are preparing for the onslaught of shoppers. Many of the big retailers are offering doorbuster specials to entice shoppers, but many mom and pop stores are also counting on shoppers coming into their business too. Coming up at 10, how these smaller shops are trying to compete to get your holiday shopping dollars.

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