Murder of Athens woman still unsolved

Wellington was found stabbed to death in her apartment.
Wellington was found stabbed to death in her apartment.

Almost a year after an Athens woman was murdered in her apartment, her killer still has not been captured. Coming up tonight at 10, we press investigators to find out if there are any new leads in the case. Who killed Sharon Wellington?  A WAFF 48 News follow up investigation.

Deadbeat parents walking away, leaving  the other parent to fend for themselves. Coming up tonight at 10, Margo Gray examines what options parents have to hold deadbeat parents accountable. Surprisingly, there are very few at their disposal…So what can they do? The Deadbeat Dilemma: A WAFF 48 News special report.

NASA engineers say today's flight of The Mighty Eagle Lunar Lander was a success. The Eagle took off today on a mission that could open up the moon for business. We'll have more on how today's launch could signal a huge boon for commercial spacecraft.

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