Kitchen Cops: 3 low performers

Jack Madison checks out three low performers in Kitchen Cops report.
Jack Madison checks out three low performers in Kitchen Cops report.

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The first stop for theKitchen Cops is the South Sauty Café in Langston. A healthinspector handed them a 78.

The owner, Amy Aldana, letus come inside for a look. She wants to point out none of the criticalviolations directly involved food that would be served, and she says they'relooking forward to doing better during their next inspection. During thisinspection, the health inspector reports a fry basket with loose wires, thatTeflon pans were peeling, and that a can opener blade and a grater neededcleaned.

We'll stay in Langston forthis week's lowest score. The County Cafe, located at the Mountain Lakes Resort, scored a 65. The inspector reports a hand washing sink was inaccessible,the sink where they wash pots and pans by hand had no back siphonageprotection, there was a strainer with loose wires, and a skimmer neededcleaned.

Also reported; raw meats 24 degrees above the maximum temperaturerequired to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holding foods, and egg-milkbatter was almost thirty degrees toowarm. The inspector also reports evidence of tobacco use in the ice creamparlor.

The Valero on Drake Avenuein Huntsville scored an 83. A Madison County health inspector reports mold inthe ice machine, that the ice cream case needed to defrost, and they found acutting board in disrepair.

Three low performers, three chances atredemption upon reinspection. We'll tell you how they do the next time theinspector comes around.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores  

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