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Eva celebrates growth at 50

'The Little Town with a Big Heart' has grown over the last fifty years, but the small-town feel remains. 'The Little Town with a Big Heart' has grown over the last fifty years, but the small-town feel remains.

It's hard to believe the little town of Eva is turning 50. Once a farming community where cotton and corn were king. Now, it's larger and has more to offer its residents.

One source of pride for many folks living in Eva is their sports complex. 

Johnny Persall is on the town council. "We have year-round athletic programs where we play soccer, softball, baseball, and a basketball program," he said.

There's a pretty town hall, library, post office and school.

Martin Nelson is also on the town council. "Now, there's very few farmers here. We went from that to people going off to work," he said.

Some of the businesses of the past have different names. And new businesses are springing up. But the flavor is still here.

"I think they just like the way of life. They're out of the 'rush - rush' area. They're not in a flood stage. They're on top of a mountain, " said Nelson.

A member of a very large family, Nelson says they often joke about small town life. "It's hard to convict anyone of a crime around here because we all have the same DNA."

At the senior center, long time residents know what they like about living in this old community with a relatively new incorporation. 

James Williams is a long time resident. "I think it's because the socializing... and the fellowship with your neighbors."

Donald Allison jokes about the good and bad of life in a small town. "Everybody knows your business, usually. But it's a lot of fun."

Miss Robbie Childers has lived here all but one of her 85 years. "I've seen a lot of things," she laughs.  

The best, she says, is when friends treat you like family. "Now I'm not kin to a lot of people that live here, but we've always 'uncle' and 'aunt' and they wasn't even 'uncle' and 'aunt,' she said.

Johnny Persall sums it up. "Small town USA, I love it! And I feel sorry for anyone who does not get to live in small town USA."

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