See, Click, Fix: California St. and County Line Rd.

These signs are from a construction project that ended a year and a half ago.
These signs are from a construction project that ended a year and a half ago.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - If you drive south on California Street, you don't see them at all. They're pretty well camouflaged; in fact, we drove right past them.

But if you're headed north, you can't miss them. They're bright orange road construction signs, planted in the grass at the side of the road. They're from the Governors Drive widening project at California Street, which started three years ago and ended about a year and a half ago.

As one viewer posted on See, Click, Fix: "There's no road work in this area at this time, and we are tired of looking at these ugly signs in our front yards."

I contacted the City of Huntsville to see if they could point me in the right direction, and their engineers said those signs are the property of the Governors Drive project. They have now contacted the contractor to have the signs removed. We'll keep checking and show you when they are.

Meantime, there is some progress on another issue many of you have commented on - County Line Road in Madison and the need to repave there. The roadwork is well underway, from near Highway 72, and the work is headed south for about 2.5 miles to Mill Road.

Madison Mayor Troy Trulock says the work should be finished by early spring, depending on the weather. Repaving the other half of County Line Road from Mill Road south to Highway 20 and the widening phase will start in the spring and then take about 18 months.

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