Crooks are ready for the holiday season

Good Monday evening. Here's a check of a few of the stories we're working on here in the WAFF 48 Newsroom.

'Tis the season to commit crime. The holiday season brings an upswing in crime. We'll dig deeper into this trend. WAFF 48's Shumuriel Ratliff will talk to a local convenience store owner who was recently the victim of a crime. He'll talk about how much of an economic impact this has on his business, as well as how he sees more and more crime this time of the year.

We're also following a deadly shooting investigation in the Shoals. A local man is being questioned in the weekend shooting death of Grant Campbell at a home in Sheffield. Investigators tell WAFF 48 News that witnesses say that James Martin held a woman at knifepoint in front of two children before he was shot by Campbell. No charges have been filed yet.

And we continue to follow the Zakkawanda Moss murder trial. Moss and Henry Burrell are charged in the 2102 deaths of 6 people in Alabama and Tennessee. In day 5 of testimony in Lincoln County, Tennessee today, spectators and jurors were exposed to exposed to some very graphic testimony and photos of the killing spree. In fact, at one point, the judge allowed spectators to leave the courtroom, and jurors were ordered to leave the courtroom before some of that graphic testimony. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy will have more from the courtroom.

Please join us for these stories and much more at 10.

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