Judge allows twin defense in sex crimes case

Aaron Lucas is accused of multiple sex crimes across states.
Aaron Lucas is accused of multiple sex crimes across states.

EL PASO COUNTY, CO (WAFF) - A Colorado judge has ruled that a soldier from Madison County can blame his twin brother for sex crimes that he's accused of across several states, including Alabama.

Aaron Lucas is sitting in an El Paso County, Colorado jail on a $1.2 million dollar bond. He's charged with luring or trying to lure eleven girls into his car in Colorado while he was stationed there between 2009 and 2012.

Lucas is also charged with child enticement and sexual abuse of a child younger than 12 years old in relation to a 2007 case in Madison, Alabama. He faces similar charges in Texas. DNA was collected from all the victims and it matched Aaron Lucas's. However, since he has an identical twin brother that shares the same DNA, his attorney claimed it was Aaron's brother who committed the crimes.

The judge in the case ruled Friday that it would be "inappropriate" to prohibit Lucas's attorney from presenting his twin brother as an alternate suspect. The judge also referred to evidence that states that Aaron and his brother both drive a black Acura sedan that was described by the young girl in Madison that Lucas is accused of sexually assaulting.

Lucas's trial in Colorado is slated to start in January 2014.

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