This Is What Crews Will Sift Through Today In The Midwest

That's just one snapshot of what people in the Midwest are looking at this morning, a day after tornadoes tore through yesterday. Http:// At least six people died when tornadoes moved through eight states. We'll check in with several communities this morning on WAFF 48 News Today. And stay tuned for the Today Show. They're live in Illinois.

Here in the valley, it's warmer than it was at this time of the morning most of last week. Http:// Will that last? I hope so, though I know many of you would rather we get more holiday-like temperatures. Check out Jeff's Weather On The Tens. He's tracking all that for you.

We're back in court today. It's week two in Zakkawanda Moss' murder trial in Lincoln County, Tennessee. Our Muriel Bailey will fill you in on what you can expect in court and how to follow the trial in real time while you're at work or at home today.

And a former Alabama state trooper also heads to court today for the start of his trial. James Heath Moss faces two charges of criminally negligent homicide in connection with a deadly accident nearly two years ago. Lauren Morrison has that information covered.

And that's just a snippet of what we have for you this morning. I need to run to the set.

Join us for WAFF 48 News Today. I'll see you in a few minutes.


-- Jim Abath