Brother's shooting marks Huntsville's 23rd murder of the year

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Huntsville Police are investigating the city's 23rd murder of the year after a man shot and killed his brother and then himself. Coming up tonight at 10, we go back to the scene and hear from two neighbors. Hear what they saw and heard.We'll also hear from  HPD  on where the city ranks with other cities of similar size when it comes to homicides.

In this age of technology you can have instant access to information on your smartphones, computers and tablets. So why is one Valley city investing a million dollars to improve its library? We dig for answers tonight at 10, and ask the question: have libraries evolved to meet the demands of today's high-tech patrons?

A Jackson County man was forced to exhume his wife's body from their yard after a long, drawn-out battle with the city. He says her dying wish was to be buried in the front yard of their Stevenson home. Coming up tonight at 10, we'll take you to the emotional scene as her final resting place is unearthed.

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