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Testimony resumes in day 4 of Lincoln Co. mass murder trial


Testimony resumed Friday, on day four of the Alabama-Tennessee mass murder trial.

Zakkawanda Moss and another man are accused of murdering six people in Lincoln and Madison counties. 

Prosecutors say they killed people connected to Warren Crutcher, who was among the victims. They also say both men went to a Walmart and a gas station trying to use Crutcher's debit card after the murders.

The majority of witnesses on the stand Friday were investigators involved in this case, but we also heard from Lillie Burrell, the sister of Henry Burrell. He, like Moss, is also facing murder charges, and will stand trial in February.

Lillie Burrell testified that she knew Moss and Crutcher, the man murdered who prosecutors said was the leader of the drug-dealing business. She told the jury they came to her house with a protected witness we cannot name. While they were there, a story came on the news regarding Warren Crutcher.

She said Moss and the unnamed witness were acting different, and were pacing around the house. She testified that the unnamed witness was having an anxiety attack and her brother was biting his lip.

When the defense cross-examined Lillie, she said she was meeting Moss for the first time that night, and she didn't know what his normal behavior was. 

The prosecution also asked about something her brother asked her to do that night. She was asked if "Face" (Moss's nickname) asked her to take him somewhere. She replied that he gave her $10 to take him to On the Spot, a car wash, off of University Drive.

Moss listened with little to no expression as crime scene investigator Donnie Monroe with the Madison County Sheriff's Office testified to picking up a gun clip found by an auto shop owner. He also said he went to the Flint River and found a gun in the water. He took it as evidence before being called to the scene where Warren Crutcher's body was found in a wooded area.

The jury was also shown photos of the scenes, including pictures of a car found at an apartment complex on Sparkman Drive. Prosecutors said that car is a big part of this case, filled with evidence.

About 100 pieces of evidence were submitted this week, including guns, ammunition and items of clothing. When a cell phone was held up in court Friday, someone watching the trial had an emotional outburst. It didn't interrupt court for more than a few seconds.

Court will resume Monday morning.

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