Kitchen Cops: 9 low performers

Panda III in Arab scored a 66.
Panda III in Arab scored a 66.

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - We begin the Kitchen Cops report with this week's lowest scoring low performer, a 66 for Panda III in Arab. The health inspector reports six critical violations, two involving the buffet line.

The inspector discovered Teriyaki chicken at 95 degrees, sweet and sour chicken at 111 degrees, and wings at 129 degrees, all below the minimum 135 degree temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot-holding foods. Panda III lost points because the water hose at the buffet did not have back siphonage protection.

The inspector reports finding a lot of dirty equipment. A can opener blade, a potato chopper, a drain pan, and other utensils. Panda III was cited for broken wires on a skimmer and on a strainer, and for food items stored with cleaners.

Gibson's Bar-B-Q on Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville scored an 84. The inspector reports the inside of the ice machine needed a good scrub down. Gibson's also lost points because ice in the ice machine was in contact with a dirty surface. The inspector also reports broken fryer basket wires and cracked portable freezer units.

The country store in Toney scored an 81. The inspector reports meatloaf, mac and cheese, corn dogs and wings were between 7-to-13 degrees below temperature, and that hot dogs, pudding, deli meat, and prepackaged sandwiches were between 14-to-19 degrees above the required maximum cold-holding temperature.

Momma Goldberg's Deli in Boaz scored an 82. The inspector reports the inside of the ice maker needed cleaned, and they discovered cleaners stored with food.

A 74 for Lake Guntersville State Park. The inspector reports finding ready-to-eat foods in a cooler that were past their use-by dates. They also report a pest control problem, and that potatoes and beans were below temperature.

Martin's Market in Arab is a back-to-back Kitchen Cops low performer. An 80 last time. A 73 this time. The inspector reports a slicer and a chopper needed cleaned, chicken nuggets and corn dogs were 25 degrees below temperature, and that ready-to-eat foods were being held past their use-by dates.

The Pulaski Mini-mart in Huntsville is a Kitchen Cops low performer for the third straight inspection, scoring an 82 this time. The inspector reports mac and cheese and potato salad were just above the required cold-holding temperature.

The firelight tavern in Arab scored an 83. One critical violation for opened employee drinks in a cooler with facility foods.

And a Morgan County health inspector reports dirty drink nozzles at the interstate shell in Hartselle, as they scored an 84.

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