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Prepare your vehicle for cold weather


When the temperatures drop near freezing, we always talk about your pets and your plants. But it's also important to make sure your vehicles are ready.

They'll not only run better, but a few preventative steps could save you from a costly repair bill.

Here are few quick tips:

  • Check your battery - Cold weather can weaken the charge
  • Check belts and hoses - Old ones can become hard and brittle in cold weather and crack or split
  • Possibly change to a lower viscosity oil - Cold temps will thicken up oil and hamper lubrication
  • Change old windshield wipers - You don't want to get caught in a cold rail with cracked  wipers that don't work
  • Maintain proper tire pressure - Tires last longer, better gas mileage, and low tires lose traction
  • Make sure your coolant and water levels are right

"Basic advise to make sure it's topped off half with coolant and half with water. A lot of the time if you have a leak or something happens. People tend to top off with water and it dilutes the coolant," said Charles Bradford with Goodyear Tire. "If that happens, that's when you have incidents like your block freezing or radiator busting or things of that nature."

For more auto winterizing tips, check out this link.

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