See, Click, Fix: Barren Fork Boulevard

Andrea Lehr said drivers often go past Barren Fork much faster than posted.
Andrea Lehr said drivers often go past Barren Fork much faster than posted.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The speed limit on Barren Fork Boulevard in Huntsville is 25 miles per hour, but Andrea Lehr says drivers go much faster. How bad is it?

"Pretty bad," said Lehr. "They are consistently speeding around the corner behind me. They come, and my kids play out here, and it's not always safe."

Her concern goes beyond just her own kids. Diagonally across from her house sits Williams Elementary School. Several children from the neighborhoods along Barren Fork walk to school. She says she sees most people speeding in the morning, on their way to work, but at nighttime, they still do.

"If I'm out here with my kids, I still see them flying by here, even after school hours," said Lehr.

We drove all the way to the northwestern end of Barren Fork and found the 25 mile speed limit sign there. We found the same on Zierdt Road, where the school zone starts for Williams. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour when the light's flashing.

Lehr has seen police cars here before, but it's been a while. "I would love to see the speed humps be put in so that would make them have to slow down rather than cops have to sit here all the time to scare them into slowing down," said Lehr. "I'd rather the speed humps be there."

The City of Huntsville would have to do a traffic study to determine whether speed bumps are warranted. We've forwarded the information to them and to Huntsville Police to see if they can monitor speeding on Barren Fork Boulevard.

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