Kitchen Cops: 2 low performers

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Fuel King on Oakwood Avenue in Huntsville scored an 84 with the Madison County Health Department. Temperature problems were reported there. The inspector discovered fried chicken, fried pork chops and fried livers held between 120 and 126 degrees, below the minimum 135 degree temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot-holding foods.

The Wheeler Dam Market on Highway 101 in Rogersville scored an 83 with the Lauderdale County Health Department. When there's a back flow plumbing problem, contaminated water can flow back into the water supply. The health inspector reported they needed a back-siphonage breaker for an outside faucet to prevent that. The inspector also reported finding bottles of cleaner stored by food and food contact surfaces.

A reinspection for Simmon's Barbeque in Guntersville. It takes an 85 or better to get off of the health department's reinspection schedule, and Simmon's BBQ in Rogersville scored an 86, a ten point improvement over their previous inspection.

Country Farms in Grant rose 14 points during their reinspection, going up from a 72 to an 86.

The Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse in Guntersville scored a 91 during their reinspection, 11 points better than last time.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores  

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