Crews douse flames at South Huntsville apartment fire

Good Monday evening.

We're following a breaking story of an apartment fire at the French Quarter Apartments in Huntsville. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux has been on the scene this evening and will have the will have the latest on the details.

We're also staying on top of round-up of bad check writers in Morgan County. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy has been following law enforcement on this late night crackdown. At least check, 5 of the roughly 200 suspects had been arrested. We'll update you at 10.

And we're also investigating a computer virus that could wind up costing you hundreds of your hard-earned dollars. WAFF 48's Shumuriel Ratliff talks to a computer expert about a virus that goes by the name CryptoLocker or Ransom Ware. We've got valuable information that could save you time, trouble and money.

Be sure and join us for these stories and more on WAFF 48 News at 10.