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Food for body and soul at Rose of Sharon

Meals are prepared using all-donated food. Meals are prepared using all-donated food.

The ladies in the back of Rose of Sharon are busy cooking a nutritious meal made from donated food.

Sharon Walker is the founder of this soup kitchen and thrift store. "We are the only soup kitchen in Huntsville. There are other places they can go eat. But they can come and stay the day, get warm or cool off, whichever the case may be," she said.

Walker says this is something God put on her heart - to feed and clothe the homeless. They've been here 10 years, giving a hot meal and a lesson in faith.

One man who goes by 'Mario' says this place is very important, as is the woman behind it.  "To me it's a safe haven. I mean, say if it's raining outside... we just go to the soup kitchen. She's not going to put you out unless you start a problem. Here, there's no problems cause this is a neutral ground," said 'Mario.'

While Sharon is not a superhero, she is an advocate for those she serves. "A lot of the people that are homeless are very intelligent people. And some of them are very educated. It's just a variety of circumstances that caused them to end up in this situation," she said.

Allan Rowley is a frequent visitor. "She's an angel. She's God-sent. And she's an outstanding member of this community. I wish there were more people like her. It would be a lot better world to live in," he said.

This place could not get by without the volunteer spirit exhibited here. As a matter of fact, they not only need volunteers, they need financial support. They receive no government funding.

Private donations can go a long way for individuals and families.

"We have a lot of household items. We have furniture and clothing. We try to sell them at a lower price than other thrift stores would, just so that lower-income families can come in and buy the things that they need," said Walker.

And Sharon will continue her relationship... her calling to help the homeless.

"It's a labor of love every day," added Walker.

A labor which stays on her heart....everyday in Bobby's Bama.

You can learn more about Sharon's mission and her shop online. (

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