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Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint

Three men are accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint. Three men are accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint.
Suspects are charged with robbery and kidnapping. Suspects are charged with robbery and kidnapping.

Three men have been arrested in connection with a pizza delivery driver robbery.

Madison County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a robbery call Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Crab Apple Drive.

The victim, a delivery driver for Domino's Pizza, told deputies he was held at gunpoint and forced into a vehicle. The offenders made him take off his pants and then let him out of the vehicle.

The victim said the robbers demanded his wallet, cash, a pizza, his shoes and his cell phone.

Deputies located three suspects on Alabama A&M campus later Wednesday night.

Dezmond Calhoun, Javarian Powell, and Quinton Fuller,were all charged with first degree robbery and first degree kidnapping. Powell and Fuller are students at Alabama A&M.

The three suspects are also being investigated by the Huntsville Police Department for robberies in their jurisdiction.

Delivery drivers must always unfortunately be on guard when they go about their duties. Jim Brown, President of Marco's Pizza, said an incident like this hits home.

"The Domino's driver was just trying to earn a living. That's all he is trying to do. And these guys - these knuckleheads - completely disrupt his life. Hopefully it is not going to impact him going forward," said Brown.

Brown remembered a similar incident with his staff that happened a few days prior. He said someone called to place a late delivery from a blocked number. The man on the line began asking odd questions, such as how late they could deliver, and if they would deliver if his porch light was out.

Brown said his employee got the person's address but was suspicious, so he did some investigating of his own.

"We haven't had an order from that address in over a year, and it turns out that after going by it, the house is for rent. No one is living there. And he made a comment that, if you deliver to me, my porch light won't be on because my light doesn't work. My daughter, who actually took the call, said if you call us back, call from a number that is not private or blocked. Then he hung up," Brown said.

Brown teaches his employees that after years in the business, he knows some of the warning signs. Not taking orders from blocked numbers is rule number one. He said that although they've been lucky enough not to have any of their employees robbed, the recent robberies still hit close to home.

"We are very diligent in following safety and security procedures: make sure our drivers don't carry a lot of money with them, make sure lights are on at the customer's address, that we have a valid phone number, that our drivers are aware of their surroundings when they get out of their car," said Brown.

All three men involved in the Domino's driver robbery were booked into the Madison County Jail with bonds totaling $120,000.

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