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Richard Scrushy talks about life post-federal prison, and more

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HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy talked about his life after federal prison Wednesday night with Neil Cavuto, host of "Cavuto" show on FOX Business.

Right out of the gate, Cavuto asked Scrushy if he was bitter about all that's happened to him.

"Not really," Scrushy said. "You know, life goes on. I've got a family and I've got a future. You just have to put things behind you. I can't keep drinking the poison. You've got to move forward. You know, I'm an optimist, Neil."

Most of the conversation, which lasted about 12 minutes, revolved around Scrushy being targeted by federal prosecutors.

During a line of questioning about James Dimon, Scrushy spoke about being under the microscope of federal prosecutors.

"I have to be careful about what I say. I've been a target of the government. I don't want to rile up a bunch of prosecutors to find something wrong with something else," Scrushy said to Cavuto's audience.

Scrushy says several prosecutors lied in court about him and were never held accountable for that.

Here's what happened to him.

Scrushy was found guilty of bribing former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman in 2006.

Scrushy served his time, and was released from prison earlier this year in Texas.

Siegelman is still in federal prison.

Scrushy was acquitted of criminal charges connected to the HealthSouth accounting fraud case in 2005.

But in a separate civil case, which started in 2009, Scrushy settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission over claims HealthSouth falsified nearly $3 billion in profits.

Scrushy spoke about more than just his rise and fall at HealthSouth.

"Anytime you changes things there are going to be people who are going to have pain, and there are people who are going to be people who have gain," said Scrushy.

Cavuto asked him about his take on the new federal healthcare law.

"I can't deny that everyone is disappointed in that," Scrushy said about the problems with

But Scrushy also sees a lot of opportunity coming out of the law. He compared it to changes which came in the early 1980s to the way healthcare was paid for. That's when Scrushy got his start in the healthcare industry, and started down a path which would make him millions.

He also gave his take, based on his decades of working in the healthcare industry, on why things aren't working.

"I have built, and been involved in building, a lot of digital programs, websites, and been involved in a lot of different things that are similar."

Scrushy continued, "I mean I can understand this failing like it did and you know, a lot of technology folks do oversell themselves and what they can do, and they can't do."

"This shouldn't have happened."

"I truly don't believe you can blame the president on this."

"I know if I hired a group like this to do that, and it failed, that I'd hope I wouldn't be blamed for it."

Scrushy finished, "But the bottom line is, it's not right. It's a disaster. It's gotta be fixed."

Before the interview wrapped up. Cavuto once again asked Scrushy if he was bitter about the hand he's been dealt in life.

Here's what Scrushy said.

"I believe that things are going to be OK for me. I trust and believe that the shareholders, the board of directors of the company that I founded, will treat me fair in the end."

"I'm an optimist," he said into the camera.

"I believe in the best for people. I believe in this country. I believe in our leadership and I believe, at the end of the day, we're gonna build a better county and a better healthcare system and I believe that's coming," said Scrushy.

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